17hats how to export or convert to Excel CSV TAB XLS workbook

17hats export convert iff to csv tab excel

Problem:   You want to export 17hats data to Excel or .csv format.


17hats only allows exports to Quickbooks file format .iff

BUT you need it in Excel .xls .xlsx .tab or .csv format because you don’t use Quickbooks.


Solution:  How to open .iff files in Excel

1. Use 17hats to export your bookeeping tab (expenses and income) to a Quickbooks file.   This will automatically download and create a file named “transactions.iff” in your Downloads folder.

2. Open your Microsoft Excel program.  You can do this by opening any existing excel file, or by going to Start > Programs > Microsoft Excel

3. Click the File menu.

4. Click Open

5. Browse to your transactions.iff file (probably in Downloads) and open it.


open iff with excel 17hats
After you export your transaction data, open Excel and open the file.



6. The Excel conversion wizard will open to Step 1 of 3

7. Accept the defaults (delimited , start import at row 1, no headers), and click Next.


conversion wizard step 1 delimited
Accept defaults on Step 1 wizard.


8. On Step 2, Accept the defaults (tab delimiter is selected)  and click Next.

17hats conversion wizard step 2
Accept defaults on Step 2 wizard.

9. On Step 3, accept the defaults (General data format is selected) and click Finish.

17hats conversion wizard step 3 tab csv excel
Use “General” data type and click Finish.

10. The workbook will open. 

17hats export convert iff to csv tab excel
The file will open in Excel.


Before you do more work, I recommend saving it as an Excel file.

11. Click the File menu

12. Click Save As

If desired, browse to the file location you want to save to.

If desired, change the name of the file.

13. Change the TYPE of file to “Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)

14. Click Save

Save the file as xlsx before you work on it
Save the file as xlsx before you work on it.

Now you can work with the file in Excel.







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