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Kieri Solutions

CMMC Compliance Experts

We’ve Solved Your Certification 

Why choose Kieri Solutions?

We are a small, lean team of experts, without bureaucratic overhead.  We move faster and give better answers because we have knowledgeable people at every step of the process.

We understand that networks need to be functional, not just secure. We reward risk-based approaches and strong process to manage chaotic enterprise networks.

Work with the most envied team in CMMC.  Reach out now for a quote!

Office:  +1 (301) 253-5150


How can we help you?

CMMC Assessment and Compliance Services

We have great programs for CMMC assessment and CMMC readiness. Check us out!


CMMC Level 2 Assessment and Gap Analysis

What’s left?  Schedule a Gap Analysis by our lead assessors to find out.

We are offering Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments now.

A waiting list for CMMC Level 2 certification assessment is available.

Customer friendly process. Formal assessments include readiness check before starting and remediation close-out to fix small problems afterward.

We can also assess 800-171 compliance for MSPs/MSSPs. 

Preparation and Readiness

Lead by Certified CMMC Assessors with experience doing real assessments. We will be with you each step of the way until you’re certified.

System Security Plan creation, policies, procedures, Change Management, Access Management, Risk Management, Facility security, self-assessments, continual monitoring, personnel screening programs, CUI markings, SPRS scores, FIPS 140-2, cloud evaluation strategy and FedRAMP authorizations, Data flow diagrams, boundary architecture, external service provider evaluations, CMMC scoping, and evidence preparation.

Satisfied Clients

We wanted to prove that plainly written, sysadmin-friendly policies and procedures can pass CMMC.  And we did it!

Our Kieri Compliance Documentation gives you the training and tools you need to run a compliant IT Department efficiently.  

Our document templates are ideal for enclaves and networks with up to 1,000 users.

Plain language policies, procedures, and simple workflows to run your business securely AND generate evidence of compliance as you work.  Pre-written with industry best practices, explanations, and examples so that you don’t need to figure it out yourself.

Battle tested: Based on the policies, procedures, and architecture we used to pass CMMC Level 2.

Please see our Kieri Compliance Documentation page for more information (click here)

We are one of only a few C3PAOs that passed our CMMC assessment with a functional enterprise network that includes laptops, email, and BYOD.  We did NOT present a pristine and unused enclave because that isn’t functional.

We proved that real companies with real networks can pass CMMC.

Our CMMC Reference Architecture has the functionality you need to do real work while remaining compliant.  Designed to be operated with part-time IT support.  Compatible with on-premises equipment and manufacturing networks.

Take control: this architecture is designed to be compliant with FedRAMP and Security Protection Data requirements in the CMMC Proposed Rule.

Battle tested: Based on the policies, procedures, and architecture we used to pass CMMC Level 2.

Please see our Kieri Reference Architecture page for more information (click here)



We are a Cyber-AB Authorized C3PAO, eligible to perform CMMC and Joint Surveillance assessments!

We now have more than a dozen Certified CMMC Assessors on our team!


Please note that we do not provide both consulting and formal CMMC assessments to the same clients.  We consider the sale of compliance documentation templates to be consulting.  We can provide a list of integrators, consultants, and assessment companies with good track records to our clients upon request.