Why choose Kieri Solutions?

We are a small, lean team of experts, without bureaucratic overhead.  We move faster and give better answers because we have knowledgeable people at every step of the process.

Our Quality Manager is Amira Armond, a CMMC instructor, speaker, and blogger. She is an information systems architect and has practical real-world experience building and managing DoD and contractor networks.

Our assessment teams do not require special considerations (such as high-speed WIFI) to work. You do not need to put your evidence onto a third-party platform or provide hard-copies.

We understand that networks need to be functional and secure.  We reward risk-based approaches and strong process to manage chaotic enterprise networks.


As an Authorized CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organization, we are eligible to perform CMMC assessments

CMMC Level 2 Assessment

Starting at $32,000

We are offering Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments now.

A waiting list for CMMC Level 2 assessment is available.

We also assess 800-171 compliance for supply chain partners.

Contact us to reserve your spot (down payment required).

CMMC Prep Project

Starting at $20,000

This project improves the SPRS score of most companies at least 100 points.

Comes with a Kieri Compliance Documentation license

Our subject matter experts customize your policies, procedures, SSP

We write your compliance artifacts like Risk Assessment, Plan of Action

Then we finish out with a Gap Analysis and next-steps.

Mock-Assessment or Pre-Assessment

Starting at $25,000

Identify exactly what needs to be corrected. 

Verify your evidence is adequate and sufficient.

Re-usable assessment plan, same criteria as a formal assessment.

Future CMMC Level 2 assessment planning fees discounted.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our CMMC, NIST SP 800-171, and DFARS specialists can assist your company with:

System Security Plan creation

Policies and Procedures

Identifying correct CMMC scope

Self-assessment and Plan of Action

Virtual CISO and Separation of Duties

We are one of only a few C3PAOs that passed our CMMC assessment with a functional enterprise network that includes laptops, email, and BYOD.  We did NOT present a pristine and unused enclave because that isn’t functional.

We wanted to prove that real companies could pass CMMC.

Our CMMC compliance documentation package is ideal for enclaves and networks with up to 1,000 users.

Plain language policies, procedures, and simple workflows to run your business securely AND generate evidence of compliance.

Battle tested: Based on the policies, procedures, and architecture we used to pass CMMC Level 2.

Please see our Kieri Compliance Documentation page for more information (click here)






Please note that we do not provide both consulting and formal CMMC assessments to the same clients.  We consider the sale of compliance documentation templates to be consulting.  We can provide a list of integrators, consultants, and assessment companies with good track records to our clients upon request.




“The quality of work is exceptional.” – Siber Systems (Washington DC)


We are a Cyber-AB Authorized C3PAO, eligible to perform CMMC assessments!

Our team now includes seven CMMC Provisional Assessors, five Provisional Instructors, and three CMMC Certified Professional candidates!

“Amira Armond (Kieri Solutions) operates with competence and integrity. She’s also a natural teacher, willing to explain the magic behind the server fixes and to develop controls to dramatically improve security throughout the organization. She communicates clearly and can quickly prioritize IT issues. There is no one I would trust more to make my IT resilient.” K Rudolph, President Native Intelligence, Inc.


Office:  +1 (301) 253-5150

Email: info@kieri.com


“Amira really ignited our efforts around compliance. She helped us develop a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan. Her extensive experience saved us countless hours and in the end we had a professional and useful product.” Jeff Burton, Tevera Academic