CMMC Proposed Rule has been released! 

The wait is finally over! Listen to our industry experts review the CMMC Proposed Rule, what it means for you and what changes or surprises are in store. Our team here at Kieri, under the guidance of Amira Armond, spent the Holiday sifting through the rule to give you a detailed synopsis of what we think you need to know.  This release will have such meaningful impact on the DIB that we are not going to wait until the new year to discuss it.  Tune in and our assessment team will give you their thoughts and observations so you can better understand and plan for how CMMC will effect you. 

CMMC Proposed Rule Webinar

Slide deck from presentation (includes links to the rule)

10 thoughts on “CMMC Proposed Rule has been released! 

    • Amira Armond
      Amira Armond says:

      Hooray! Thanks Carlos for the kind words! I think the compliance documentation and reference architecture will be needed when/if we have a shortage of companies that can help with CMMC over the next year.

  1. John Taggart says:

    Amira, Once again amazing insight into the proposed rule. You take a lot of the guess work out of CMMC with the Compliance Documentation and Reference Architecture. Thank you for always being out front to help the SMBs!!

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