How to disable continuous scrolling on Kindle – turn on page flip

disable continuous scrolling option displays

Problem:  Your Kindle Fire or Android Kindle App displayed a message about the new “continuous scrolling” (finger drag) feature and you turned it on.

Now you can’t flip pages anymore and there is no option to turn it off!!

Solution:  Follow the below steps to get your Kindle back to page swipe mode!

Did you want to turn ON continuous scrolling?  These steps also work!

These instructions will fix vertical scroll on android phone, kindle fire, and most other Kindle reader app varieties.

How to fix:

  1. If you are at the main Kindle screen, open the books menu, then open the Kindle book that is in continuous scroll mode.
kindle fire books menu then open book text

2. Tap in the middle of your book text with one finger.  

kindle fire continuous scroll fix tap in the middle of text

3. The book options menu will display at the top. 

turn off continuous scroll the book options menu will open

4. Select the Aa button.

tap the Aa button to fix scroll kindle

5. The option for Continuous Scrolling is at the bottom.  Tap the slider button to turn it off. 

disable continuous scrolling option displays

At this point you should be back to page flipping mode.   

Continuous scroll turns back on??

Does continuous scrolling turn back on automatically? ? Several people have commented that their kindle is turning scrolling on automatically. For example, they turn it off in the morning, come back to their kindle in the afternoon, and continuous scroll is turned back on.

We’ve had one comment about a possible fix for this, from Diane Lenard:
“Mine did the same. After chatting with Amazon, I found the only solution was to delete Kindle [app], restart my phone (I have Kindle on my phone) then reload Kindle [app]. It worked fine after that. I cut it off once and it stayed off! Yea!”

If this works for you (or doesn’t), please comment!

Selfish plug time (sorry!)

Thanks for reading this article! I hope it helps you! If you have tips or feedback, please comment so that others can benefit.

Most of my articles are about high tech subjects, but I was inspired to write this one when my Kindle recommended scroll mode and I couldn’t turn it off (nooooo!).  I’m amazed that this article has helped more than 15,000 people since I posted it. Well worth that hour of work. I am a consultant in the Maryland/DC area in the USA. My specialties are Windows migrations (to 2016 and to Office 365 / Azure), VMware migrations, Netapp and SAN, and high availability / disaster recovery planning. If your business would like help with your complex project, or would like a architectural review to improve your availability, please reach out!    More information and contact can be found on the About page. – Amira Armond

87 thoughts on “How to disable continuous scrolling on Kindle – turn on page flip

    • Leah says:

      Several years ago I did toss a Kindle (almost out the window) in the trash because of this…..Thank you Kieri Solutions for saving my 8th Kindle!!!! At that time there was no solution to unscroll! I love my kindles, all of them. LOL

  1. Marion says:

    After hours of fruitless searching in all the Kindle setting menus I could find, your tip solved the day! Back to easy reading

  2. Ava Benoit says:

    I was #458 on the waiting list for Michelle Obama ‘s “Beloved” and finally got from the military library after waiting a couple of months. I saw the option to try the continuous scroll and thought I would try it. I hated it and it was ruining the reading experience for me but I could not find how to turn it off. Thank you for fixing it for me!

  3. sivadasan Madhavan says:

    Thank you for the clear instructions. I was so irritated that I had to move up or down with a finger which is often impossible while trying to read on a treadmill. I would always wind up on some other function or settings or apps. So irritating and furious. This fixed it.

  4. Clinton N Matthews says:

    thanks so much…..what the hell is wrong with Kindle…..finding that command is/was not intuitive.

  5. Ginnette says:

    Omg, thank you so much. I’ve avoided the app since continuous scrolling turned on. I’m so happy to flip “pages” again.

  6. Gere says:

    No such option identified. I would like to turn it on reading for my Starting Strength Kindle ebook. I had used it for Sword Art Online but Starting Strength doesn’t have that option under Say. SAO does (confirmed).

    • John Roby says:

      When using continuous scrolling, there is a slider button and a box that says “Return to page xxx” on the right side of the screen. How do I make this slider and box go away?

  7. Robert Price says:

    Thank you so much! Scrolling was fine for awhile but I missed turning pages and there was no apparent way to fix it.

  8. Susan says:

    This fix doesn’t work – I’ve followed your steps – continuous scrolling is off on my Ipad & it doesn’t work – it’s whirling through all the pages. How do I fix this

  9. Dan says:

    Of all the places it should be, they decided to put it under fonts! This is the most unlikely place anyone would look for it, and that’s the only menu choice I didn’t look at because I knew for a fact it couldn’t be there. Furthermore their help files do not tell you where to look. Nor is there anything on youtube to show you where it is.
    I’ve been using computers; building, troubleshooting, repairing, etc.. for over 25 years and it always puzzles me when a developer does something so illogical.
    Thanks for clearing it up, took me 20 minutes to find the simple answer you gave.

  10. Michelle Larson says:

    Bless you for making this so simple! I was at my wits end trying to figure it out on my own. Your guidance quickly got me back to traditional page turning and enjoying my kindle books again.

  11. QB says:

    Thank you! I hate that continuous scrolling. Why did Amazon even introduced it? Get rid of it please! Thanks for letting me go back to the page turning mode. Much better!!

    • Pavo says:

      Different strokes for different folks 😉 I’m here because of the opposite (looking for continuous scroll) good thing they have options for both xD

    • Amira Armond
      Amira Armond says:

      I haven’t heard of that happening, and it hasn’t happened to me. I’d try some basic troubleshooting such as … 1) Reboot your device. 2) Make sure no one else is sabotaging your settings when you aren’t looking. Good luck!

        • ancientreader says:

          same, it reverts (unpredictably) to continuous scroll. drives me bats and i can’t find a way to disable continuous scroll permanently.

    • Diane Lenard says:

      Mine did the same. After chatting with Amazon, I found the only solution was to delete Kindle, restart my phone (I have Kindle on my phone) then reload Kindle. It worked fine after that. I cut it off once and it stayed off! Yea!

  12. Hopalong Cassidy says:

    I have a Samsung Nook which enabled me to get the Kindle app so I could buy and read books just as if I had a Kindle.
    I, like a dummy tried the scrolling when when I was contacted. What a mistake!
    I could not turn that lousy thing off! I am not very literate when it comes to messing with stuff like this. Everything is “buried” on these devices and you have to look under each nook and cranny and who knows where all of these nooks and crannies are —–I still love the physical feel of books, Thank you so much for for enabling me to turn off that terrible function.

    • Maureen says:

      Had to delete app to stop continuous scrolling. When I turned the referenced tab off, the scrolling persisted. If I made other changes, such as to the margins, the view adjusted. But switching the continuous scrolling button off did not change the view, almost as through it wasn’t ‘taking’ the change. Reinstalled kindle, and good to go.

  13. Lisa says:

    My question is this. I know how to turn continuous scrolling off, but for some reason every time i turn around its on and i am not purposely turning it on. Like this morning reading, set down my tablet to do something came back and scrolling was on, i wish i could discontinue it permanently. I hate it. How do I shut it off for good?

  14. Bob Dean says:

    Still searching to find a solution to my device automatically turning scrolling on every time I go to a different app! This is becoming more and more frustrating! Kindle help is as useful as a chocolate teapot!

  15. L.C.H. says:

    Thank you!! This was such an annoying change and it must have happened automatically or from bumping against something in my bag–had no idea what was going on at first or how to make it go away.

  16. Molly says:

    Bless you and may you live forever. I hated continuous scrolling, which I never wanted, never requested, and could never figure out how to disable

  17. Lynn says:

    Page flip is not working on my iPad 11 Pro. Page flip is in off position and there’s a message that says continuing scrolling must be turned off in order for page flip to work. My problem is I can’t get continuous to stay off though I tried all the ideas suggested here. Help please! ?. Anyone found a solution yet?

    • Amira Armond
      Amira Armond says:

      I don’t know the answer, but sometimes toggling the settings on then off again (saving in between) can fix that sort of issue. Especially the setting that the app thinks is on.

  18. Dezi says:

    Thank you! I searched and searched and tried to change it in “additional settings” and that didn’t do it either. your information was perfect.

  19. Cliff Carter says:

    Thank you very much, your advice worked fine. I had searched Amazon and Kindle all to no avail.
    You are a gentleman!

    Thanks and good luck.

  20. Lisa says:

    There is nothing in any of these comments about how the heck it turns it self on? As anyone can see you have to follow many step to activate or deactivate it but how come it just turns on so easily?

    • Amira Armond
      Amira Armond says:

      On my Kindle, I got a message telling me about this “new feature!” and asking if I wanted to try it. That is the only time continuous scroll activated on my Kindle. Other commenters say it turns on automatically a lot, for unknown reasons.

  21. Sharon Findlay says:

    Would some kind solo be able to help me?

    I have a Amazon Fire HDX 3rd gen. How do I put continuous scroll on?
    I have been in touch with the Amazon tech team but they haven’t been able to help me. I think because my Fire is so old.

    I have text to speech working but the continues reading has somehow stopped. I think I may have turned off, somehow?!?

    Please could someone help me find out how to turn it on again as it use to be so useful, being dyslexic, and until I can get it working again there is no point in buying anymore ebooks. 🙁

    Update was 14th April 2021
    Device is running Fire OS

    How do I put continuous scroll on with this older model? Where will I find it?

    Thank you in advance.

  22. Patricia says:

    Thank you for this tip! I had to uninstall Kinland reinstall. I was used to scrolling and couldn’t figure out how to change back to it.

  23. Bill Black says:

    I’ve been plagued by this for at least two years. I followed their instructions, maybe an older version, and couldn’t fix it through “settings”. Your instructions were fairly easy to follow, although accessing the Aa button was different than you described. Anyway, it proved to be a quick, easy and painless fix. Thank you very much!

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