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  1. Suleiman
    July 25, 2023 @ 5:30 am

    Thanks for the great article. please share with me a document about the failover in the following Scenario:
    SITE A (Primary) two exchange 2016 servers (Srv-1 , Srv-2)
    SITE B (DR) one exchange 2016 server (Srv-3)

    exchange servers in SITE A and SITE B are within the same DAG, 4 mailbox databases are active as following:
    Srv-1: DB01, DB03
    Srv-2: DB02, DB04

    all databases are replicated and Synced among the 3 servers

    what will happen if SITE A Completely goes down? and will the Mailbox Databases be automatically mounted and activated on Srv-3 in SITE B?

    do I need to have backup system to provide backup for the the 3 servers?
    if yes, will it be enough to make backups of only one of the DAG servers?
    what is the best backup policy for mailboxes: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Full, incremental or differential?

    Thank you in advance


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