How to disable continuous scrolling on Kindle – turn on page flip

Problem:  Your Kindle Fire or Android Kindle App displayed a message about the new “continuous scrolling” (finger drag) feature and you turned it on.

Now you can’t flip pages anymore and there is no option to turn it off!!

Solution:  Follow the below steps to get your Kindle back to page swipe mode!

Did you want to turn ON continuous scrolling?  These steps also work!

These instructions will fix vertical scroll on android phone, kindle fire, and most other Kindle reader app varieties.

How to fix:

  1. If you are at the main Kindle screen, open the books menu, then open the Kindle book that is in continuous scroll mode.
kindle fire books menu then open book text

2. Tap in the middle of your book text with one finger.  

kindle fire continuous scroll fix tap in the middle of text

3. The book options menu will display at the top. 

turn off continuous scroll the book options menu will open

4. Select the Aa button.

tap the Aa button to fix scroll kindle

5. The option for Continuous Scrolling is at the bottom.  Tap the slider button to turn it off. 

disable continuous scrolling option displays

At this point you should be back to page flipping mode.   

Continuous scroll turns back on??

Does continuous scrolling turn back on automatically? ? Several people have commented that their kindle is turning scrolling on automatically. For example, they turn it off in the morning, come back to their kindle in the afternoon, and continuous scroll is turned back on.

We’ve had one comment about a possible fix for this, from Diane Lenard:
“Mine did the same. After chatting with Amazon, I found the only solution was to delete Kindle [app], restart my phone (I have Kindle on my phone) then reload Kindle [app]. It worked fine after that. I cut it off once and it stayed off! Yea!”

If this works for you (or doesn’t), please comment!

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