VMware vSphere ESX and vCenter Upgrade 5.5 to 6.0 or 6.5 or 6.7 best practices

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Testing your hosts

You can avoid 99% of the risk by testing your upgraded host thoroughly before you put production VMs onto it.

I recommend the following tests (at minimum)

  1. Make sure you’ve got your upgraded host configured, into vCenter, and into it’s destination cluster.
  2. Using a test VM (build one up if you don’t have one ready), test connecting to each virtual switch and pinging to-and-from other servers across the network.
  3. Storage vMotion the test VM to each major storage system you have.
  4. vMotion (processing) the test VM between your upgraded host and other hosts.   Test both directions.
  5. Snapshot and delete snapshot on the test VM.

And before you close this project, make sure to re-connect your backup jobs and test them.


Good luck in your upgrade process!

Want some help?  Kieri Solutions has experts on staff who can perform the upgrades or help you if things go wrong (though we really prefer to prevent the issues ahead of time!).  We are local to Maryland, USA and primarily support businesses in the area, but we can certainly do this work remotely if you are in a different state. USA only please.

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