CMMC Gap Analysis

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Kieri Solutions can help you prepare for CMMC compliance by providing a high quality CMMC Gap Analysis. This project, typically performed by one Lead Assessor, is a value-driven review of your information system, data flows, boundaries, and evidence to identify what still needs to be improved.

Don’t wait until your certification status and contracts are on the line to find out that you aren’t CMMC compliant!

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Our CMMC Assessors are certified and recognized by the Cyber-AB and Department of Defense. Practice with the varsity team so that you are prepared for game day.

ServiceFeatureKieri Solutions
Gap AnalysisAuthorized C3PAO, not an RPO. We don’t use assessments as the first step to selling services. CMMC Experts.
Gap AnalysisFixed price quotes – no price uncertainty. Includes travel costs for assessor.
Gap AnalysisNew assessment clients are provided detailed FAQs about what to expect and how to prepare for assessment. Customer friendly process.
Gap AnalysisTerms and conditions are clearly written.  No gotchas.
Gap AnalysisWe are happy to discuss our interpretations before you sign for assessment.
Gap AnalysisAssessment planning and scoping included.
Gap AnalysisEvidence plan identifies which systems will be reviewed for each assessment objective.
Gap AnalysisEvidence plan identifies expected evidence for each assessment objective.
Gap AnalysisQuality review of assessment plan (including scoping and evidence expectations per system).
Gap AnalysisEasy to use secure file share for uploading evidence and downloading assessment docs.
Gap AnalysisAssessors are 100% CMMC oriented.  (Unfortunately, many C3PAOs are still using CMMI-oriented assessors for CMMC.  This often results in excessive scrutiny of documentation rather than a technical assessment.)
Gap AnalysisParticipates in C3PAO Stakeholder Forum for consistency of interpretation among assessors.
Gap AnalysisIncludes 4 hours of remediation (POA&M) assessment for free.  (This gives time to re-assess several practices to improve your score.)
Gap AnalysisGap Analysis performed by real assessors – the same ones doing formal assessments (so they know what will pass or not).
Gap AnalysisGap Analysis performed with similar process as formal assessments. Educates your internal team on how to be assessed and the level of evidence required for the real thing.
Gap AnalysisGap Analysis performed with similar rigor as formal assessments. Get a high-quality review so that you know what is broken. Don’t use unqualified “assessors” and find out what is wrong for the first time during your real assessment.