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Kieri Solutions is one of some of the most respected and sought after Certified Third Party Assessment Organizations in the CMMC ecosystem. (Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification) 

We have one of the most robust groups of Certified CMMC Assessors (CCA) that have actual CMMC Assessor experience on Official CMMC Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments (JSVA) performed through the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Assessment Center (DIBCAC). Our own organization has completed a Level 2 CMMC assessment and received its own certification as an authorized C3PAO.

We understand that preparing your organization for CMMC assessment is not an easy process and that interpreting the actual requirements can be confusing. The requirement for your organization to be certified is certainly getting closer now that the CMMC Program proposed rule is out and timelines are being established.

Our founder, Amira Armond, and the team have a mission to help as many Department of Defense subcontractors obtain CMMC certification as possible.  We know many defense contractors are struggling with balancing the need to pass this certification with costs and logistics involved with going through this process. 

Our focus is not to sell you a product or book consulting hours with you, our focus is to utilize our expertise to help you pass your CMMC audit.  Although there are no guarantees, you can have the comfort in knowing you have our unique and highly skilled experts pushing toward one goal.  We do this by providing some of the following:

  • Detailed custom policies, processes and documentation that align with CMMC objectives and that have been used to pass actual assessments through the DIBCAC JSVA.  Do it yourself packages or assisted completion are available with our Kieri Compliance Documentation (KCD)
  • We can provide a full detailed architecture based on a Microsoft ecosystem that has passed several CMMC assessment through DIBCAC JSVA.  This is available through the Kieri Reference Architecture (KRA).  This can be a prescriptive “do it yourself program” for those with a robust IT team or we can assist.  
  • We can provide CMMC assessments from our team of qualified CCA’s. We provide Gap assessments, Mock CMMC assessments and actual CMMC certifying assessments. 
  • You can say, “Kieri, I would like you to do whatever it takes to help us get to a point where we can pass the certification.” We can do that, too! 
  • And so much more.  Contact us for more details on our full spectrum of offerings to help you get Certified.   

Contact us today to find out how we can help your team prepare for success the first time.

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