Kieri Solutions: Netapp Consultant serving Frederick, Baltimore, Gaithersburg, Columbia MD

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Kieri Solutions LLC provides Netapp installation and support for businesses in Maryland.


We have years of experience supporting Netapp

  • Netapp SAN
  • VMWare:  vCenter, vSphere
  • HYPER-V and other virtualization technologies
  • High-availability solutions
  • iSCSI
  • Fibre Channel (FC)
  • Other SAN and NAS solutions


Why choose us?


We have the experience with VMWare and other virtualization technologies (HYPER-V, etc) needed to design and implement your full solution.

When you buy a Netapp disk shelf, you will be offered installation service by a big name company.  My clients have found (to their disappointment) that the service costs several thousand dollars and only involves racking the device and setting a management IP.  The initial install won’t even connect the Netapp to your data switches, let alone make the storage available to your servers.

Before accepting a big-name install, make sure you ask whether they will connect your data switch to your hosts, create volumes, connect them to vCenter,  migrate your virtual machines, and verify the recovery options are functional.   We are typically pulled in to finish the job after a company spends $10k or more for almost no result.

We are local, and will be available to support in the future.

When you fly in a consultant from a big name company, you will probably never meet that person again.   In contrast, once we have performed a project for you, we stand by our work and will respond if you have problems later on.   We will also remember you and your network – you won’t be starting from scratch with us.

Our rates are typically half that of a big-name company.

Since we don’t need to fly our employees around, and because we have a smaller footprint, we don’t need to charge crazy rates.  We will be glad to give you a no-risk estimate.





Recent Netapp projects near Frederick, Baltimore, Gaithersburg, and Columbia MD

  • Set up disaster recovery best practices using Netapp.  Test ability to recover virtual machines from snapshot within 1-2 minutes.
  • Install AFF8080 as the core storage for a VMWare datacenter running 40+ virtual servers and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Horizon View.  Also built the VMWare datacenter and NSX infrastructure as part of this project.
  • Install Netapp FAS2554 filers as secondary (on site) and tertiary (off-site) recovery using SnapMirror and SnapVault technology.
  • Install FAS2552 filer with new 10gbs network to replace a 1gbs Synology SAN.  Upgraded hosts, network switches, and VMware as part of this project.  Migrated VMs to Netapp storage, decreasing disk latency from ~150ms to ~2ms.
  • Maintenance and support for Netapp products, including disk replacement, firmware upgrades, creating storage containers, and monitoring disk use.
  • Install disk shelf for additional storage, connect to VMWare hosts, load-balance VMs, and set up snapshot recovery procedures for instant VM restores.

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