Projects and Server Upgrades for Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Baltimore MD

We have high expectations for network upgrades and migrations to new technology.  User impact should be minimized.  Backup and recovery plans should be verified before making major changes.  Functionality should be tested before finishing each maintenance.  Status should be communicated regularly.      

What makes our projects different:

  • Each project is managed by a certified Project Management Professional.
  • Completion is test based.  Before starting a project, we will identify objectives and ways to test them.  We test more than just functionality – we make sure that systems are patched, can restore from backup, and are stable before calling it a day.
  • We bill for the successful project, not by the hour.
  • A documentation package is included with all projects so that you have everything needed to take over management.
  • We are technology agnostic – we will recommend the best value for your business, not for ours.

Curious?  Check Success Stories for a list of recent projects.





We love Windows!


Almost every business runs on Windows operating systems.  Kieri Solutions has almost twenty years experience setting up Windows environments for small, medium, and large businesses and enterprises. 

We have built almost every configuration of Windows servers, including Domain Controllers, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and Skype.   We have configured high-availability solutions such as Database Availability Group (DAG) for Exchange,  log shipping for SQL,  and RAID for file servers. 

We are also used to managing clients using Windows Group policy and automation.  When your business scales to 100+ users, it is vitally important to get your policy right.  This automates tasks like software installation, file sharing, and backups.  We have high security templates if your business requires it (medical, financial, military).  If your users are experiencing poor performance, we can find the cause and fix it. 


We work with HP and Dell servers every day


Most businesses run on HP or Dell servers.  We perform many server upgrades, hardware replacements, and troubleshooting calls each year.  If you need to patch, install firmware, or replace hardware on your servers, we can help.


Project Management

For large enterprises and government organizations, we offer dedicated project management support.  If you are considering an IT initiative and need someone on your side to help with research, oversight, or making an informed decision, consider our senior team.

The CEO and President: Amira Armond, is personally involved in all management support.  Her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and MBA gives her insight to organizational strategy and fundamentals of cost and resources.  As a veteran information systems professional, she has a unique combination of technical architect experience and PM fundamentals.

Is your project circling the drain?

If you have a troublesome project, we can help you determine what is really wrong.  Be it a technical issue, a staff issue, or a management issue, we will identify the root cause(s) and help you get on track.

We can help with project management tasks:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Drafting RFPs and other specification documents
  • Analyze and rate the technical merit of proposals
  • Formal project management deliverables
  • Assess contractor performance to identify IT risks early