Local PC Repair near Damascus, Laytonsville, and Mt Airy, MD


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Do you live in Damascus, Lisbon, Woodbine, Mt Airy, Laytonsville, or Glenwood, MD?


Good news, Kieri Solutions does house calls in your neighborhood!

So here you are.  Your computer is acting weird after you installed an update. Or was it a virus?  You don’t want to drive to Office Depot or Best Buy, an hour away.  Last time you dropped off your PC at a big business, it took two weeks to get it back.  So you started Googling frantically, and found this page.  Well done!   Let’s talk this through.



How does this work?

When you call Kieri Solutions for a computer issue, we will dispatch a friendly, background checked, and experienced technician to your home.

The technician will evaluate to determine if the fix can be performed on-site, or if they need to bring your PC back to the shop.  If we need to work on your PC at the shop, we will schedule a time to return and set it up for you.  Either way, before we finish a job, we always verify that your computer does what you need it to do – browse the Internet, print, scan, run your critical programs, etc.

2018 Rates

$150 for the initial service call, which covers the first hour and a half of work, and pick-up and drop-off (as needed).    If the problem is complex, or will require parts, we will give an estimate before proceeding.

Drop-off versus home visit

When a technician comes to you, they get a much better picture of what is going on with your PC.   For example, we often find that the root problem is actually something on the home network – such as your Internet, your Wi-Fi, your printer, or other connected devices.

At a shop, it is much easier to fix physical problems like a failing hard drive.   Plus, the technician can work on something else while running repair software, which saves you money.


What is wrong with my PC?

I’m going to assume your computer is not literally on fire right now.  And that you didn’t run it over with a tractor, a horse, or your truck (isn’t country life great?).  But what about the other things that can go wrong?

Symptom: Your antivirus program won’t start, and programs aren’t acting normally.

Cause:  Your computer might be running a malicious program – a virus, or a program that spies on your actions, or a program that displays advertisements.

Symptom:  Your computer became REALLY slow, and you hear a whining noise from inside.

Cause: About half the time, this means your hard drive is about to die.  Get help fast or you might lose your data.  Other possibilities are other bad hardware, and/or your computer needs a tune up.

Symptom:  Your computer became REALLY slow, especially when you first turn it on.

Cause:  Probably, your computer needs a tune-up.  It could also have a failing hard drive that isn’t making noise.   Many programs run in the background and use system resources, even when you aren’t using them.   If you have several programs like this, it can overload your PC and make it really slow.

Symptom:  The Internet doesn’t work

Cause:  Your Internet may need to be re-configured, or a device may need to be replaced.  Or, your computer could need the network adapter re-installed.

Symptom:  The printer doesn’t work

Cause:  Most of the time, this is a problem between the printer and your Internet settings.  Or you may need the printer re-installed on your PC.


What about regular maintenance?

Even if your computer is cooperating, you may want to contact us for maintenance or training.   We can maintain your antivirus program, configure regular backups, install software for you, or set up new devices like printers, scanners, and smart TVs.