Independent Software Testing

So you are thinking about adopting a new software product for your organization.  You worry about whether it is secure, whether it will work in your network environment, and whether it will be accepted by your users.  If you are a large enterprise, you cannot afford downtime because of your new IT system.  These are all excellent reasons for independent testing.  

Intelligent Test Design

Kieri Solutions has a formal test design and verification process to make sure that your new system is put through its paces.  We have industry experience testing mission-critical applications such as healthcare systems and highly secure networks.  

Our distinguishing characteristic:  We understand the underlying design of software: as a result, we know the common mistakes and shortcuts that developers make.  We include a survey for common mistakes and shortcuts in our test plans – this identifies major issues that most testing misses.

The Test Process

  • Identify the objectives and requirements for the system.
  • Design test environments and connected systems for realistic use.
  • Design tests that validate functionality, stability, and security.
  • Perform testing, documenting issues and troubleshooting steps.
  • Coordinate with vendor to report and solve problems.
  • Formal documentation of findings with analysis and way forward.