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CMMC Prep Package

This project improves the SPRS score of most companies at least 100 points.

Expert guidance, documentation customization, and an in-depth gap analysis come together to prime your organization for CMMC success.

  • Comes with a Kieri Compliance Documentation license

  • Our subject matter experts customize your policies, procedures, SSP

  • We write your compliance artifacts like Risk Assessment, Plan of Action, and FIPS cryptography documentation.

  • We finish out with a Gap Analysis and next-steps.

Don’t wait and fall behind. Reach out to us today and get started with our all-in-one CMMC preparation solution.

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What Does the Package Include?

  • Kieri Compliance Documentation (KCD) License: Get your hands on our expertly crafted, battle-tested cybersecurity program that comes with a ready-to-use System Security Plan, complete with example text. Our best-practice policies and procedures can be adapted to fit your unique needs. Trust in our proven success! We used this program to pass our CMMC assessment by the DoD, & now it’s your turn!

  • KCD Customization & Best Practices: We’ll work hand in hand with you to tailor our documentation package to your organization. Let us assist you to incorporate the required tasks of running a CMMC-compliant IT department.

  • Boundary Design & Scoping Review: Can your scope be smaller? Are you including all of the people and systems that should be in-scope? Tap into the expertise of our team to review your network diagram, CUI data flow diagram, and your technical solutions – making sure your implementations meet CMMC objectives.

  • Test & Evidence Plan Development: We’ll work with you to craft a plan for your formal assessment, ensuring its effectiveness. Know the results of the tests your assessors will want to see in advance, don’t let it to chance.

  • Gap Analysis with a Certified CMMC Assessor: Think you’re ready? Don’t be surprised! Gauge your organization’s readiness by performing a high quality gap analysis, assessing each assessment objective with real-time feedback.

Need More?

If you are looking for a complete CMMC experience with us behind you from the beginning all the way through attending your assessment with you, mention our CMMC Concierge package in the message box of the form!


Our pros know the CMMC ecosystem inside out.

Assessor Expertise:

  • Average 20+years of experience 

  • Provisional Assessors / Provisional Instructors

  • Certified CMMC Professionals and Certified CMMC Assessors

  • Active involvement in the CMMC ecosystem, including teaching CCP and CCA courses

  • Quality Manager: Amira Armond, CMMC instructor, speaker, and blogger with extensive real-world experience